The Truth About Acrylamide

So far, we’ve given a pretty negative opinion of deep-fried foods, and for good reason! The deep-frying process literally soaks ingredients in a bath of oil, and the high temperatures associated with this process often releases high levels of trans fats. But one big part of the health debate surrounding deep-fried foods is a chemical known as Acrylamide. Is the fear surrounding this substance substantiated? … Continue reading The Truth About Acrylamide

You Can Now Fry Your Food… In Air?

Here in Australia, we love ourselves some hot chips. We know they’re not the best for us, but we eat them anyway, because who can resist the salty, crispy goodness of a fry? But according to a recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, ‘eating chips twice a week doubles your chance of death’. Of the 4400 participants, 236 passed away in an … Continue reading You Can Now Fry Your Food… In Air?

3 Foods That You Didn’t Know Were Deep-Fried

If someone asked you to name some deep-fried foods, you wouldn’t be hard pressed for an answer. Everyone knows the classic fish and chips, fried chicken, onion rings and tempura. And it’s easy to tell what’s been deep-fried – if it’s crunchy, crispy, greasy, then chances are it’s spent some time bathing in hot oil. But there are some foods that slip under the radar… … Continue reading 3 Foods That You Didn’t Know Were Deep-Fried

Witch Secret Allegiance?!

So now that we’ve delved into the evils of certain fried food examples, helpful tips in how to combat your side of fry with healthy alternatives, and the grizzly details of fried food preparation en masse, we have now reached the cross roads that we’ve all been dreading. Which (witch) is – Addressing the reality of what fast food is doing to our future, focusing … Continue reading Witch Secret Allegiance?!

When Cravings Strike!

Now that we have established the solution to overcoming your burger’s ever-present side of fries, I hear what you are thinking loud and clear – but what about other fried foods? Is there an alternative to those?! Fear not, for healthy food conversions do not stop at chips but can be applied to any of your fried food cravings. But first of all it’s important … Continue reading When Cravings Strike!

The Truth About Fast Frying – Corporations Cutting Corners

Do you know about the bad deep-frying practices in restaurants? Less-than-fresh ingredients When food is deep-fried, you can no longer tell the original state of the underlying ingredients. Deep-frying can cover its smell, freshness and original colour, and as a result the ingredients of your fried fish dish at restaurant might have been in the freezer for quite a long period of time! Re-used oil … Continue reading The Truth About Fast Frying – Corporations Cutting Corners